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Career Navigator Cards

Career Navigator is an imaginative and engaging way of enabling people to understand what career management skills they need in order to navigate an ever-shifting and increasingly complex education and employment landscape.
There are 22 Career Management competence cards (based on international blueprints) and 6 journey picture cards to enable clients to reflect on what their career road looks like. You will also be given access to on-line materials with coaching questions for each card, and further visual activities which can be printed and used with as many clients as you like.

Price offers include:
Regular Price = £25 + p&p
3+ packs = £22 each / 10+ packs = £20 each
For International and bulk sales, please contact Liane Hambly via the contact form.

People’s careers are rarely linear but involve unpredictable twists and turns, numerous education, training and work choices. People therefore need more than transferable and employability skills – they need career management competencies such as resilience, decision making, motivation and curiosity.
The 22 Career Navigator cards reflect international career management blueprints. On one side of a card is the competence, on the other a more detailed explanation. There are also six picture cards for use with younger clients, enabling them to reflect on what their career road looks and feels like.
The resource is more than a set of cards. You will be given on-line access to instruction materials with probing and coaching questions that can be used for each card, visuals of the road that are more suitable for older clients, ideas for use (including those with learning needs), and documents for recording the discussion.
The resource can be used with both individuals and groups to review and identify personal career development needs, thereby increasing ownership


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3 reviews for Career Navigator

  1. revealwebsolutions (verified owner)

    “helpful”;” Informative”; “Fun”; “an easier way of understanding opportunities”; “really good, the activity helped quite a bit to understand the path of my future and what I may need”
    Young People aged 15-17, NPTC Group, South Wales

  2. revealwebsolutions (verified owner)

    “I really enjoyed delivering the sessions – it’s great to do something different, especially when you get a positive response from the students . They found the activity easy to understand and participate in. It encouraged them to start thinking about their next steps, and the important considerations that they will need to make in terms of career planning”
    Michelle David, Careers Adviser, Careers Wales

  3. revealwebsolutions (verified owner)

    “The exercise has worked really well and often gets conversations going very quickly as people share how they feel and what they are thinking”
    Jackie Pickles, NCS Adult Adviser, Futures, Nottingham

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