QCF L6 Dip in Career Information, Advice and Guidance

This course is available for organisations to commission rather than for individuals. It is a two day learning programme that will provide the foundations for assessment of one-to-one work with clients and customers. It directly reflects the performance criteria as outlined in the National Occupational Standards for Career Development:

  • Support individuals to identify and explore their career development needs and aspirations
  • Enable individuals to set appropriate goals and career development objectives
  • Reflect on, develop and maintain own skills and practice in career development
  • Build and maintain relationships with individuals to ensure a client-centred approach to career development

It addresses OCR Units 4 and 5, Interview clients to determine their need for career information, advice and guidance, and Unit 10, Explore and agree how to meet the career-related needs of the client. It also contributes to Unit 5, Career choice theories and concepts.

QCF6 Career information and Advice


To provide the understanding and skills required to conduct effective career guidance interventions with clients/ customers.


By the end of the two days delegates will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate the relationship between advice, guidance and coaching
  • Critically analyse a range of techniques and approaches employed to agree the purpose and process of guidance
  • Identify creative a range of techniques for enabling the client to understand the boundaries of confidentiality
  • Use deep listening and reflecting back to build rapport
  • Evaluate a range of tactics to tailor the session to the client’s communication needs
  • Evaluate a range of probing questions and activities that may enable a client to reflect on their own career management strengths and needs
  • Use a motivational approach to action planning
  • Evaluate their own practice in the light of a three stage guidance model

Target audience

practitioners who have QCF4 or equivalent. It is assumed that delegates will understand basic interviewing skills such as types of questions. The course is designed to enable those qualified in advice and information to understand and practice in a guidance capacity. A four day course is available for those with no prior IAG training.

Overview of the 2 days

Day 1

  • Welcome and introductions
  • The relationship between Information, Advice and Guidance
  • The relationship of guidance to career coaching
  • A three stage model – evaluating existing practice
  • Communication skills: deep listening and reflecting back
  • Removing barriers to communication:
  • Naming the elephant in the room
  • Agreeing the nature of the working relationship:
  • Creative methods for understanding the perimeters of confidentiality/ avoiding spiels
  • Effective contracting for guidance;
  • Clarifying and responding to limited or unrealistic expectations;
  • Establishing broad goals that get ‘buy in’ from the client
  • Explaining the guidance process using metaphor and visual aids
  • Experimenting with techniques covered on day 1: working through challenging case-studies

Day 2 (separated by 1-2 weeks to allow for practice in between)

  • Review of practice
  • Stage 2 of the process: identifying and agreeing career management strengths and needs
  • Rephrasing questions to account for learning style
  • Recontracting
  • Effective challenging using coaching techniques
  • Stage 3: addressing career management needs
  • Review of toolkit
  • Supporting decision making: alternatives to rational matching
  • Motivational techniques and motivational action planning – this method draws on solution focused, cognitive behavioural, NLP and Motivational Interviewing coaching approaches to build inspiration and ownership.

Delegate evaluations 2014

“Really interesting and engaging. Liane brings complex theories to life! It is such a luxury to have these unpacked in simple language”CDI delegate

“Liane was extremely clear and effectively kept the structure and coherence at the same time as responding to individual queries. Really enjoyable training – going away v inspired!”CDI delegate.

“Content was superb!”Alex Cahill, Nottingham Trent University

“A whole new world of guidance has been revealed to me. Excellent training, structured yet flexible. Great modelling of techniques and a safe environment created so we could practice”.L Sharples, Nottingham Trent University

“Excellent – this course provided a whole new insight into IAG, new methods and a confidence to provide support in a more challenging role”.Jo Chandler, Nottingham Trent University.

“Fantastic – Really useful to update my practice”.R Deri, Lincolnshire County Council 2013

“I came on this programme to refresh my knowledge as I am already qualified. I found that I have learnt so much and am eager to put it into practice. Many thanks!”H gray, CfBT 2013

“I have learnt a vast amount of knowledge on this course and look forward to putting it into practice”K Gunning, Lincolnshire County Council 2013