Digital and Telephone Delivery

This one day masterclass will explore how to effectively deliver career development services via the telephone and online. During the day we will consider how the process and skills of face-to-face work translate to different mediums, the advantages and challenges posed and the skills required.

Telephone Guidance and Coaching

Aims: to develop practitioner confidence and effectiveness in delivering guidance and coaching over the telephone

Objectives: by the end of the day delegates will be able to:

  • Evaluate the benefits and limitations of telephone and digital delivery
  • Evaluate how existing skills may be transferred to this medium and identify development needs
  • Evaluate how to effectively engage and contract with clients over different media, in particular when cold-calling
  • Employ deep listening, reflecting back and the use of metaphor to compensate for the lack of visual cues

Target audience – career practitioners who deliver career guidance and coaching via telephone and online/digital services. The day is primarily designed for advisers who are delivering in-depth guidance rather than tracking.

Overview of the day

  • Welcome and introductions
  • The relationship between face-to-face and telephone services
  • The advantages and challenges of telephone and online delivery
  • How the process and structure of face-to face translates to the telephone
  • Contracting and maintaining boundaries of time and service
  • The skills required
  • Strengthening communication and rapport
  • Empowerment via facilitation – avoiding the fix tendency
  • Reflecting back and use of silences
  • Multi-sensory approach
  • Identifying and mirroring how people process information (auditory, kinaesthetic, visual)
  • using metaphor and the imagination to replace visual prompts
  • Consolidation of ideas through practice or using LMI over the telephone
  • Review and Evaluation
  • Close

Delegate Evaluations 2014

“an excellent day – thought provoking and reassuring. I feel much more confident”Adviser, CDI training event 2014”