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Why Clients Don’t Take Action – ‘career inaction theory’.

Excerpt from Career Development Theory Handbook (Hambly 2023) Goal setting and action planning is a recognised feature of the career development process. The client may seem motivated to go away from a session and take action and yet, when it comes to reviewing their progress at a later stage, practitioners may find that their client […]

Hambly, L., and Bomford, C. (2019) Questions and activities for exploring the story (Excerpts from Chapter 7)

The need for a framework In Chapter 5, we distinguished between process models, which describe the structure of the career coaching sessions, and content models, which provide a framework for what is discussed within that structure (see Figure 7.1).Like any other professionals, career coaches need a framework to inform the exploration of the story, a […]

Inclusive action planning – reflections on a conversation with Jules Benton 2021

Setting clear goals and identifying SMART action steps has long been held as a key component of careers work, but the principles around client ownership are often eroded in the face of targets and impact measurement criteria. The career conversation is in danger of being driven by action planning requirements with the needs of clients being overlooked, in particular the needs of those who are neurodiverse, who may find goal setting and SMART action planning a challenge. In this article we revisit the origins of goal setting and action planning, the rationale for the process, the needs faced by diverse clients and how we can be creative in our approach. The thoughts reflect a conversation with Jules Benton who has extensive experience in the SEND area and working with diverse clients. She currently works for Ansbury Guidance.

Heteronormativity and barriers to successful career interventions: An exploratory study

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This paper reports on the findings of a small-scale action research study. The aim of the research was to examine the extent to which heteronormative bias exists amongst a small sample of career practitioners. This was explored within the context of a simulated one-to-one consultation which research participants viewed online. A central question for the […]

Telephone and Remote Platform Approaches to Career Development

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This link will take you to video excerpts from a workshop delivered by Liane Hambly in Dublin 2015 exploring how  face-to-face guidance skills can be transferred to other media. The audience are Guidance Counsellors who primarily work with adults. video on telephone guidance NCGE In addition to this topic the NCGE site has an interesting […]

The use of metaphor to explore career management .

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The long and winding road – the use of metaphor to explore career management . Published in Career Matters June 2015. Issue 3.3. The Career Development Institute Consider the question of where you are with regard to your work/life path at the moment; are you cruising along and enjoying the ride, finding yourself at a […]