Research and Consultancy

Liane is a truly exceptional UK-wide trainer, researcher and career development professional. I fully commend her work given its outstanding quality.
Dr. Deirdre Hughes OBE – Commissioner, UKCES, dmh Associates

Research and Consultancy


Liane is an experienced Qualitative researcher and has produced reports for a number of organisations to inform the development of CPD and service delivery. This has included:

  • An evaluation of Careers/Working Wales (with dmh Associates)
  • The design of the Careers Wales guidance model and standards for face-to-face and telephone guidance
  • A Coaching approach to guidance for Careers Scotland
  • An investigation into the impact of CRM for adult IAG services in England
  • Evaluation of careers Wales/Working Wales services for under-represented groups (in partnership with dmh associates)

Design of Learning Materials

Liane has designed a number of bespoke programmes and supporting learning materials for a number of organisations including Skills Development Scotland , Careers Wales , Economic Solutions, Prospects and the Careers Development Institute.

Materials are designed according to company training needs analysis with reference to National Occupational Standards.

Liane has experience of creating blended learning materials and producing DVDs and podcasts.

Liane also works collaboratively as a member of research teams.