Let’s Talk Guidance DVD (2021) and Updated Tutor Handbook – Team Use


A DVD of 7 interviews reflecting a range of client cases plus an accompanying study guide. Purchase is for a Team. Once you buy the product you will have access to a Team and can add members within your organisation so they are able to login to access the resource.

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A DVD of 7 one-to-one career development conversations originally recorded in 2008. Total running time is 142 minutes. The conversations reflect a variety of clients:

• 15-year old who is unsure about what to do in the future, and not very motivated to start thinking about it
• 16-year old unemployed, attending the meeting with a talkative parent
• 17-year old. Focused on claiming benefit and who is negative about career support services due to his previous experience
• Review of the 17-year old (above) further down the line.
• 17-year old student wanting to study law with little wider exploration of their options
• 32-year old wanting to return to work
• 17-year old student wanting to go to University and keeping an open- mind as to long term work options. Excerpt of the interview to demonstrate a Planned Happenstance approach.

Organisational use
Hard copy of DVD with a short handout on the cases and the tactics being used.
On-line access to the Videos via a private members area.
Downloadable 58 page Tutor Handbook with guidance on how to use each of the videos with learners.



2 reviews for Let’s Talk Guidance DVD (2021) and Updated Tutor Handbook – Team Use

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    Julian Walters

    This is an amazing read. It provides a clear and concise, step by step understanding of the careers guidance process. Also, a great start for Career Theory and provides a good foundational base for practice. Offers insightful tips on guidance questioning techniques to help clients tell their story. A recommended read for trainees and professionals in the field of career guidance.

  2. User Avatar

    Gill Mason

    Thank you for Let’s Talk Guidance! It is really hard to find quality training materials to use in IAG training. This DVD and the Learning Guide have been an invaluable addition to our resources. We have used it in training new guidance workers and we have used it review guidance practice with our experienced practitioners. The feedback has been universally positive, experienced participants have expressed renewed enthusiasm and have reported successful use of new tactics and techniques

    Gill Mason, Training Manager, Connexions Humber

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