Career Development Theory Handbook (2023) Complete Careers

Career Development Theory Handbook: Resources for Complete Careers

Below are a set of documents for download: the fully updated (2023) handbook (PDF), a separate handbook reference document (MS Word), an overview of theories (excerpt from handbook 2023) MS Word document and the Nodes Model of Ethical Practice. Scroll down the page to view a set of private videos for Complete Careers.

  • Traditional Career Development Theory (22 minutes)
  • Neuroscience, Career and Transition theory (9 mins)
  • Modern Career Development Theory (31 minutes)
  • Career Development Theory: change management and motivation (37 minutes)
  • Video on Ethical Practice (33 minutes)
  • Recalibrating Career Theory in a post-pandemic world (32 minutes)

Silver Member Videos

Traditional Career Development Theory
Neuroscience, Career and Transition Theory
Modern Career Development Theory
Change Management and Motivation
Ethical Practice
Recalibrating Career Theory