Creative Career Coaching: Theory Into Practice, (2019)

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It is possible to purchase the book from Routledge by clicking on this link:  Creative Career Coaching, 1st Edition (2019)

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Creative Career Coaching: Theory into Practice is an innovative book for career development students and professionals aiming to creatively progress their coaching practice. Without losing sight of fundamental coaching values and practices, it encourages career development professionals to adapt their practice by harnessing imagination, intuition and critical reflection to engage clients.

Hambly and Bomford consider the usefulness of creativity alongside traditional coaching models to reach “harder to help” groups. They consider a whole-brain approach to creativity, emphasising the need for coaches to adapt their client-facing skills for individual cases. They work through how clients make career decisions, how to use labour market information to motivate clients, how to frame a creative coaching session using techniques such as metaphor, visualisation and role play, how to use practical tools and techniques to resolve a client’s individual needs, and how to deliver on digital platforms. Combining the latest neuroscientific research with activities, summaries and case studies, this book provides a practical, skills-based approach to coaching.

Creative Career Coaching: Theory into Practice is the first book to summarise the Creative Career Coaching Model. It will be an indispensable resource for students of career development, career coaching, coaching psychology and advice and guidance courses. It will also be of interest to career coaches in practice seeking to enhance their skills.

5 reviews for Creative Career Coaching: Theory Into Practice, (2019)

  1. Dr Deirdre Hughes, OBE; Director, DMH & Associates Ltd, UK

    This book is truly ground-breaking in linking brain science theory to innovative career guidance practice. The content is well researched and highly practical. Case studies provide rich insights for trainers and practitioners to reflect on ‘the art of the possible’. There is sound evidence on what works well and in what circumstances. Most importantly, the authors inspire the reader to continuously improve practice working creatively with both young people and adults.

  2. Rosa Breen 2021

    This is a seminal book for career practitioners everywhere.

    It offers excellent creative tools, hacks and case studies for learning and coaching. This book has unleashed my creative skilled helper!

    It has enabled me to use my own creativity in coaching sessions to help transform fixed mindsets, smash through barriers, open out possibilities and explore agency and resilience in the 21st century world of work.

    Creative careers coaching enables the client to navigate and traverse their way through the chaotic world of work via the power of creative thinking – it has transformed my own career and helped me reframe how I perceive career- it’s also enabled me to collaborate with clients in a intuitive, holistic and creative way so they really do thrive in their world of work.

    This is a solutions focused book.

  3. Victoria Geary, Nov 2021

    Reassuringly evidence-based while being easy to read and full of practical examples and exercises, Creative Career Coaching is an essential read for all those working in career development. This book is my manual for my work as a careers professional, it brings together theory and practice unlike any other book I’ve read and challenged me to try new approaches. This book, alongside some fantastic CPD sessions run by Liane, has had a huge impact on my practice and has made me better at my job. I cannot recommend highly enough.

  4. Jack Ward, Ireland (2019)

    An innovative book which I have found extremely helpful in my job as a Careers Adviser. Examining myriad Careers Theory and its evolving implications for Careers practice, the book has helped me to strengthen my academic grounding, as well as arming me with lots of innovative, interactive tactics and techniques for use in guidance sessions.
    As a careers adviser interviewing in schools and other settings on a daily basis, it can be easy to fall into lazy habits (caused by the formation of neural pathways, which, I should add, are skilfully explained in the book!), and to sometimes feel short on inspiration or freshness. Having read the book through once, I find it really useful to refer to it regularly, sometimes reading disparate segments to help re-couch myself in the language, methods, tactics, theory and practice of career guidance.
    This book is now a mainstay on my desk at work, and it helps provide me with confidence and assuredness that I can carry out effective work with service users.
    Highly recommended!

  5. Deborandum

    As a recently qualified career guidance practitioner, this book was used constantly throughout my studies and continues to be within arms reach for reminders, ideas and motivation. Brilliantly written in clear, plain language and engaging to read. My favourite of all the main, popular career guidance texts and my first recommendation to other practitioners who don’t own a copy.

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